Valentine Flowers-Thinking Outside the Vase

When we give someone Valentine flowers it’s another wonderful opportunity to show how much we care,

valentine flowers
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I think we all want something special, something  a little different, or shall we say original to give to the ones we love,  and  just in case you are like me and like to shake it up once in a while I thought I would show a few different ideas for Valentine flowers this holiday!

Owning a flower shop , I realize that red roses are at a premium this month so why not ask for something a bit different this holiday, or give something more personal. Flowers and antiques go together so well!

So here are five “Thinking outside the Vase” designs.

valentine's day

This One and the one below are probably my favorites. I love the lily grass heart and the patina of the metal tray above.

And what do you think about these roses hiding in an antique lunch box/picnic basket how cute is that ?

valentine flower

How about some gorgeous roses in a glass square vase which is covered in a “birch bark ribbon” and then wrapped with burlap twine. Elegance meets rustic, a perfect marriage.

valentine flowers

If your special someone is a bird watcher here is an idea themed arrangement that fits the bill. Can you find the cardinal pair?

valentine flowers

A Gardener’s Valentine

Do you have a gardener as your sweetheart who may be in need of a new stainless steel watering can? Daffodils, tulips and pussy-willows will sure remind her of spring and gardening time!

valentine flowers

And you do know that we can always get you red roses if nothing else will do! A dozen red roses is the traditional I Love You passionately gift of Valentine Flowers.

valentine flowers

You still have a bit  of time to think about it but don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is Tuesday February 14th!!

All Happy Days!


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